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Dundee Unitarians

Set up a new mobile-friendly website on the free WordPress.com platform.

Dundee Unitarians

Gareth designed and built the website for Dundee Unitarians. He listened carefully to what we wanted and it has stood the test of time. He also provided clear instructions that have enabled us to maintain it ourselves, as well as a friendly and helpful ear when things go wrong. The price was all that we could have asked for. I am delighted to recommend Gareth wholeheartedly.

The Revd Dr Rob Whiteman

Minister, Dundee Unitarians


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Dundee Unitarians

Project date

2017 / 2020

Our collaboration

In 2017, Rob approached me asking if I could help him set up a new website for the Dundee Unitarians church where he had recently been inducted as minister.

Just to show that not all web projects need to cost a lot, after listening to Rob’s requirements and limited budget, I recommended that we build the site on a free WordPress.com account.

The process was much the same as other web projects: gather requirements, agree on an information architecture (site structure), write and gather content, then build.

The site went live within a week or two with the minimum required information and we iterated on other features, with Rob updating the news section frequently.

One of the challenges working with a free website platform is having a limited amount of resources available, compared with a bespoke, self-hosted WordPress site. Our challenge was displaying an interactive map of the church building location without access to Google Maps API key. We settled on a Google My Maps which WordPress allows to be dropped into a page using a shortcode [googlemaps].

Dundee Unitarians

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