WordPress website redesign

195 metal CDs

Migration of website from free WordPress.com account to custom, hosted domain, creation of child theme and bespoke functionality to sort reviews by genre and score taxonomies.

Screenshot of 195 metal CDs website

This was a very satisfying project to complete once my 195 metal CDs project took a new direction. It allowed me to explore the deeper features of WordPress with custom taxonomies, custom child themes and custom plugin functionality.

Gareth J M Saunders


  • WordPress
  • Child theme
  • Custom taxonomy
  • Shortcodes
  • Graphic design
  • Domain name migration
  • Google Analytics


195 metal CDs

Project date

2012 – present

The challenge

This was one of my own web projects which began in June 2012 after I acquired 195 metal CDs from someone on Freecycle. I set myself the challenge to review one CD each week and created a free blog at WordPress.com to publish them.

After I finished reviewing my acquired hoard of one-hundred and ninety-five CDs, PR companies and bands started to send me new music to review.

Wanting more flexibility around design and site functionality, I migrated the site to a custom domain hosted at SiteGround.com.

Building on the functionality of the ImageGridly theme, I created a child theme with custom functionality to create a custom ‘scores’ taxonomy and the ability to sort all posts by genre and score, output on a page using a simple shortcode.

All code for this customisation may be found on GitHub: 195-metal-cds-wp-theme.


Screenshot of genres page

Custom functionality lists all reviews alphabetically beneath each genre category.

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