About me

Hi, I’m Gareth!

I am an enthusiastic, curious, and attentive web designer, developer, agile scrum master, project manager and business analyst with an attention to detail, a love of problem solving, a servant-leader approach and a strong background in both technical and people skills.

I have been managing and developing web projects professionally since 2006, and with agile methodologies since 2008.

For twelve years I was the assistant web manager/information architect and later web architect at the University of St Andrews, Scotland’s first university of which I am also an alumnus.

Before that I worked as a Scottish Episcopal Church parish priest in a variety of roles including prison and hospital chaplaincies. And before that with young homeless people in London. I’m comfortable working with people from all walks of society.

I have a passion for person-centred work, productivity and I have a gift for helping individuals and teams get the best out of themselves to deliver real and meaningful benefits to the lives of ordinary folk.



Web development

I have been designing and building websites for over 20 years, from personal blogs to websites for universities, churches and holiday letting businesses. I can deliver your idea iteratively and with agility so you realise value quickly.

Productivity and agility

With over 15 years experience of Scrum, Kanban, Lean and DSDM Agile Project Management, I can help with your agile projects. Or maybe you need some help with your personal productivity, let me help you get things done.


Do you have a self-publishing book project? Let me help you with my editing, typesetting and cover design services.

  • HTML 100% 100%
  • CSS 90% 90%
  • JavaScript and jQuery 70% 70%
  • PHP 65% 65%

Content management

I have experience working with various content management systems including WordPress, Kajabi and TerminalFour.

I have a passion for writing and editing, helping you get your message to the right audience, and years of experience manipulating images and creating vector graphics—after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Project management

All projects, whether large or small, need a structured but flexible process.

I follow the DSDM principles:

  1. Focus on the business need
  2. Deliver on time
  3. Collaborate
  4. Never compromise quality
  5. Build incrementally from firm foundations
  6. Develop iteratively
  7. Communicate continuously and clearly
  8. Demonstrate control


I have professional qualifications in DSDM Agile project management, P3O, Agile business analysis, ITIL v3 and ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Team Facilitation, as well as HTML, CSS and PHP development.

I also hold two degrees, a Bachelor of Divinity (Hons) from the University of St Andrews and a Master of Theology in Ministry from the University of Edinburgh.

“You do not rise to the level of your goals.
You fall to the level of your systems.”

— James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits

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